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Derby Section: 321 Row: Covered



Third floor, chair back seating with a great view of the starting gate and the entire stretch as well as access to all the amenities you expect! Top notch seats that put you UNDERCOVER!


Section 321 is located in the third floor clubhouse at Churchill Downs in proximity to the 1/16th pole. The seats are folding style and the section offers great amenities such as cleaner restrooms, plentiful betting windows, and diverse concessions make this a highly sought after section for racing fans. Choosing this seating option means the ticket holder will be Covered and it’s a perfect choice for patrons who want to avoid inclement weather. Clubhouse ticket holders are also able to move around the track and visit the gift shop and the Paddock area, which is a great venue for socializing. Pricing differences between sections are directly related to the proximity of the finish line.

This ticket is UNDER COVER!

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