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Even though fall has not rolled around this year and we are still enduring miserable hot days, designers are already planning what colors will be hot for spring 2012. While this may seem early, this is great for our planning what to wear to the Derby! Whether you follow color trends with your hat or your dress, these colors will be sure to keep you on trend for the spring 2012 season.

Normally when we think of spring we think of bright floral colors like pinks and corals. Well this season designers are thinking a little different by using more earth colors in their designs. Light beiges, oranges, and copper tones will be covering spring runways this year. If these colors aren’t the most flattering on you, then you can also choose from pale pastels such as pink, yellow, and lavender. All of these colors are sure to make for a fabulous Derby dress or hat! Don’t forget that prints are always an option!