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Kentucky Derby Seating Information

Seating at the Kentucky Derby is very unique and diverse. There are many different areas, seating types, and amenities to choose from throughout the track that make each level of seating its’ own experience. The experienced and knowledgeable staff at will thoroughly guide you through all the details of each area at Churchill Downs. We want to ensure that the Kentucky Derby Tickets or Kentucky Derby Ticket Packages that you choose will meet or exceed all of your expectations. Don’t forget that we are equipped to accommodate groups of all sizes and budgets. Tell us where you would like to sit and your expectations, and will see to it that you have a special experience!

Turf Club: The Turf Club is the “place to see and be seen”. These tickets are the most coveted Derby Seats available. This level of seating is very lavish and comfortable, and includes a full meal and open top-shelf bar. A ticket in the Turf Club puts you indoors, away from the elements, and overlooks the finish line. If you are a “star gazer” you’ll be pleased to know that the vast majority of celebrities who acquire Kentucky Derby Tickets are seated in the Turf Club! It’s a great place for socializing and table sizes vary from 4 to 6 seats.

4th Floor Millionaires Row: On Millionaires Row a ticket holder will find absolute luxury and the finest amenities. Many celebrities and VIP’s prefer this area and it’s a fantastic place to rub elbows with the stars. All tables in this area seat eight persons and there is a wonderful balcony available to see all the great racing action. A lavish buffet is included with your ticket and waitress service is provided all day for drinks. This is a first class area with nice wagering windows and the most personal and clean restrooms at Churchill Downs.  “Personal Seat License” tables in Rows A and B are the most sought after tables in the track. They provide access to a private area on the lower balcony only for those with tables of this designation. This area provides one of the best views of the races anywhere in the track as it is managed to ensure a 100% unobstructed view.

6th Floor Millionaires Row: This level is a “mirror-image” of the 4th Floor Millionaires Row, and you will experience the same great amenities that the lower floor has to offer. The Governor of Kentucky and his guests annually sit in this room.

Twin Spires Gold Room: Located on the 2nd/3rd Floor Clubhouse between overlooking the paddock area and conveniently located in the heart of the clubhouse, this area is truly a hidden gem. This area is somewhat similar to a sports book theme room you would find in a world class casino, as it features over 20 LCD televisions with all the action, private mutual windows, and waitress service for drinks throughout the day.  The Gold Room includes a fantastic buffet and open bar service with waitress service all day for drinks. Seating is at either four-person tables or side-by-side “carrells” featuring LCD monitors which allow you to place wagers right at your seat.

Skye Terrace (Sections 412-414, 513-514, 613-614): This area is the “former” Millionaires Row prior to the Clubhouse Renovation in 2004. Ticket holders for the Skye Terrace will enjoy a very nice and comfortable dining area with great amenities. This are features two rows of eight-person tables, and has an outstanding balcony with plenty of room for everyone to get a great view of the races. A lavish buffet is included, along with waitress service all day for drinks. This area also features private restrooms and is a great place to spend Derby Day!

Third Floor Clubhouse – Finish Line (Sections 315-317): The Third Floor Clubhouse is an exclusive VIP section close to the finish line featuring both six-person boxes (Rows A-C) and eight-person boxes (Rows D-H). The eight-person boxes are very roomy, have comfortable padded chairs, and feature LCD televisions from which you can place bets or order food and drinks. All of the eight-person boxes in these sections are Covered. The top rows in these sections provide great viewing access of the Turf Terrace, which is a “hot spot” for celebrity sightings!

Third Floor Clubhouse (Sections 312-322): Seating in this section is “box” style. Boxes feature folding chairs with backs. These are the most popular Kentucky Derby seating options available. This area also features a wide variety of seating choices. Boxes in Rows D or higher are “Covered” and out of the way of both rain and sun. Boxes in Rows A, B, and C provide outstanding viewing with a limited number of fans sitting in the areas in front of the ticket holder. Patrons sitting in the Third Floor Clubhouse have access to the best concessions, drink options, numerous mutual windows, and the largest, nicest restrooms inside the Third Floor Clubhouse. Only those with Third Floor Clubhouse tickets can access these amenities. Many owners and trainers choose to sit on the Third Floor to view of all the action.

First Floor Clubhouse (Sections 111-117): Seats in this area feature “box” style seating. Each box features folding chairs to accommodate groups of six people typically. Another great location for groups needing multiple boxes in close proximity to one another.  Boxes in Sections 113-117 can also be under cover in some rows. Some private mutual windows are located inside the sections which provide patrons shorter betting lines. This is a great location for maximizing you fun and provides a nice social atmosphere. Boxes close to the rail truly provide an unforgettable experience where you can feel the horses thunder by on their way to history!

Third Floor Grandstand (Sections 322-325): Grandstand seats in this area are “box” style seating, which features folding chairs to accommodate groups of six people. You will get a great track view and tickets are more economical than the Third Floor Clubhouse. The ticket holder will enjoy a good selection of food, drinks, and numerous restrooms. This ticket provides access to anywhere on the first or second floor grandstand below, and is very popular with customers.

Second Floor Grandstand (Sections 221-225): Ticket holders will be in an area with bleacher style, or bench seating. This area is elevated to provide improved viewing for taking in the races. The higher rows in the Second Floor Grandstand are Covered, and are a great value for budget conscious Derby fans wanting under cover seating at an affordable price.

First Floor Grandstand (Sections 121-128): Seats in this area are bleacher style or bench seating. The First Floor Grandstand is most economical reserved seating at the track, and it’s an ideal place for seating if you are in a large group. A ticket to this area provides access to the paddock area to see the horses prior to each race, restrooms, concessions, and mutual windows.