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Derby Fashion

Now that you are planning your trip to the Kentucky Derby, you will definitely need to make sure you are familiar with the fashion that makes the Kentucky Derby an event like none other. This fashion page is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the latest Derby fashion trends and ideas.

Women attending the Kentucky Derby typically wear dresses in spring colors paired with Derby hats. Men attending the Derby generally wear suits or sport coats, especially if sitting in the clubhouse area or a dining room.

Kentucky Derby hats are not simply a fashion tradition at the Derby; many attendees also believe they bring good luck at the races! Hats at the Kentucky Derby are definitely fascinating and come in all shapes and sizes, large or small, traditional or contemporary, flowered or large-brimmed, each is distinct and makes a statement. The vast array of hats found each year at the Kentucky Derby make it one of the world’s best fashion displays and people-watching events anywhere. Kentucky Derby hats are a huge part of the tradition and pageantry that will make your trip to the Kentucky Derby an experience of a a lifetime.