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When beginning the process of looking for that special Kentucky Derby dress, keep in mind that uniqueness is always best. If your Kentucky Derby Tickets have you seated in the grandstand, clubhouse, or a dining room setting, most all ladies tend to wear nice Derby dresses. The recent Kentucky Oaks Day tradition is to “Pink Out!” for Susan G. Komen–Breast Cancer Awareness. However, for Kentucky Derby Day, we recommend going with a unique, primary-colored dress with an emphasis toward completing the look with a great Derby hat.
The same color hat, dress, shoes, and jewelry is too much. Wearing a blue dress with a different color hat which both compliments the dress as well as accents the pattern of the hat typically works best. Lately, many vintage dresses have been a part of Derby Day fashion which make many women stand out from the crowd. What is really great about this look is that no other ladies are likely have a look even close to yours. Comfortable shoes are also in high demand, but if you can only find that great pair of high heels to complete you Derby outfit look, pack a pair of flats or flip-flops because its a long day at Churchill Downs and you will be glad you did so on the way out after the big race!