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I know it is only July and the Kentucky Derby is still nine months away, but let’s face it no woman wants to settle on what they are wearing to any event, especially the Derby.

That is why beginning the early planning process for your Derby hat right now seems like a very smart idea. This is why I have taken the opportunity to go ahead and look into a couple of hat companies that would be perfect for all types of Kentucky Derby hats! Whether you want to go funky or elegant, here are a couple of websites where you can start your search.

The first company that I found is the Del Mar Hat Co. They have a large selection of gorgeous hats on their website with a specific link for Derby attire. You can also call for a bigger selection. I am also very happy to say that Del Mar also offers custom orders so you can design the perfect hat just for you.

For a few more funky hats, you can visit This website offers a very large selection of hats as well with a lot of different styles and embellishments. The best thing about this website is they even offer hats for everyday wear! Remember to keep your style uniquely you and let yourself shine on Kentucky Derby Day!