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Derby Parties Images

Sports, film, TV, music and fashion A-listers have gathered for decades to celebrate “Derby Eve” at the sweeping Highlands mansion of Patricia Barnstable-Brown. Butlers roam the decorated and stately grounds with champagne and cocktail trays among guests in black ties and long evening gowns. A full bar and gourmet buffet dinner are served as well.

The entertainment can vary based on who decides to hop onstage! Spontaneous performances from Kid Rock, Graham Nash, the Backstreet Boys and Meatloaf have wowed guests such as Aaron Rogers, Ashton Kutcher, Miranda Lambert, Tom Brady and Luke Bryan…you never know who will be there! Get your tickets to this spectacular and legendary event, considered the “best party of the year” early, before they are all gone, as tickets are very limited.

Every year this thrilling party becomes more extravagant. Fans line the streets to catch a glimpse of “Kentucky Derby Glamour”, as limos and private cars drop off the lucky few attending this premier event for charity.

Celebrities, locals, royalty, politicians, horse racing insiders and media outlets from all over the globe make sure to never miss the Barnstable-Brown Gala! Known for its great food, fun and famous guests and whimsical themes the Gala also features amazing live music and lots of liquor service late into the wee hours of the night, making for a magical Derby Eve.