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Are you taking a date to the Derby or flying solo? Well, if you are flying solo you won’t have to worry about coordinating anything but your outfit and hat. However, if you are taking a date whether it be just a friend or your spouse you want to make sure that you coordinate your attire. Showing up as a fashionable couple who look good together will have you turning heads all day!

First, let’s understand that coordinating does not mean matching colors and/or prints exactly. You don’t want to look like twins, but two good looking individuals who will have people saying “that’s a well dressed couple.” There is nothing wrong with mixing colors as long as you mix neutrals with brighter colors. For example, if your dress color is pink have your date wear a pale yellow button down shirt under a tan linen suit. If you want to go more neutral with your dress have your date wear a brighter button down shirt under the suit jacket. Mixing and matching colors is great as long as you don’t wear every color of the rainbow! Stick with these mix and match tips and you and your date will be the talk of the town!