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The Kentucky Derby hat is almost a much a part of the Kentucky Derby as the thoroughbreds themselves. For many folks, a day at the track isn’t really a time to go all out with fashion as casual attire are generally sufficient, unless you are in a premium seating area. The first Saturday in May is no regular day at Churchill Downs though, as it hosts the top horse race in the world, the Kentucky Derby! The horse racing fan holding Kentucky Derby tickets realizes that they are going to be a big part of a special day for all horse racing fans. It’s on this day that creativity is at its peak in regards to fashion. Both men and women are known to sport hats on Derby Day, but it’s usually the women who wear the most beautiful and artistic pieces, while men generally stick with the subdued fedora.


Not everyone chooses to go all out for the hat they wear, as some prefer simplicity, even though it’s a day where it’s almost encouraged to go as fun and outrageous as possible. Some prefer to create their own hat at home and this is easily done by taking a quick trip to a local retailer that has their spring wear ready for purchase. A floppy hat here, a few flowers there, mix in some ribbons, lace or feathers and get to work! Many people who create their own hats also incorporate props such as horse or jockey figures or small models of the Twin Spires! Every year we see the envelope on artistry and creativity pushed and it just adds to the atmosphere at Churchill Downs. Some of the most outrageous hats are the kind made at home, but for those who tend to be more refined in their approach to fashion, a good avenue to pursue is to find a top rate milliner to create a hate especially for you. Most milliners can create custom hats, but they may also have a complete catalog with colors and styles that you can mix in nicely with your attire.

One of the best milliners in the business is Lady Diane Hats. Lady Diane Hats specializes in Kentucky Derby hats and has been an industry leader for years. Top quality and customer satisfaction are what you can expect from Lady Diane. She has an extensive catalog of Kentucky Derby hats on her site that travel the spectrum of style and it’s likely she will have the hat for you. You can visit her website and see what Lady Diane has to offer today!  Lady Diane Hats: Kentucky Derby

Here’s a look at some of the great hats our photographer has captured over the years!