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I felt the need to send this e-mail to inform the management of Derby Deals of the exciting and pleasant experience I had over the weekend regarding the purchase of Kentucky Derby tickets for my sister-in –law.

I looked at many sites for these tickets and, as you know, there a quite a few J I got it narrowed down to 3 sites, however after talking to your salesperson, I did not need to call the other 2 sites!

Michael,in your New Albany Indiana office, was very patient and professional while answering my numerous questions, even though I called back 3 times J Each time that patience and professionalism was there. I was acting on behalf of my sister-in-law, who is a little timid when it comes to traveling, so I was tasked with the job. Michael explained the whole process regarding the purchase and what to expect. His step by step explanation made it simple and easy to understand. He also took the time to tell me all about the “ derby experience” and other options available during the trip. By Michael taking that those “ extra “ steps and time with me, I know it will be easy for my sister-in-law to just relax, not have any surprises and simply enjoy her trip. Since she is a great horse lover, this is her dream trip and is very excited already.

At 62 years of age, I have been in sales myself for way to many years and know good customer service when I receive it. Anytime someone has a bad experience they always make a stink, send a nasty note or ask to speak to the supervisor, however when they have a good experience, few people take the time to let people know about it. Michael meet and exceeded my expectations. Michael is the perfect example what I expect at the other end of the phone when I hear “ My name is —–, how can I help you.

Again, words that come to my mind regarding my experience with Derby Deals and Michael are: sincere, professional and most of all honest.

Since our beloved Patriots are now going to the Super Bowl, anyone looking for tickets will be forwarded to Michael and Derby Deals!!!